Online Turkish lessons for kids.

Let your kids learn Turkish with our innovative live video interactive lessons with professional Turkish tutor

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1.Find the best tutor for your kids

Find the best Turkish tutor for your kids using Turacoon's smart tutor algorithm.

Make an appointment with our education advisor.

Language learning for kids is very fast compared to adults and is done in completely different ways. The Turacoon Smart Tutor algorithm finds the right tutor for your kids' needs!

We will bring your kid with teachers who specialize in teaching Turkish to kids.

All of our Turkish teachers are certified teachers who specialize in teaching kids.

Let your teacher follow your kids step by step!

With Turacoon's smart tracking system, the teacher monitors your kid's every move!

2.Your kid İstanbul University Unlimited access to the curriculum

We've combined 926 years of experience at İstanbul University with our innovative language teaching method and redefine grammar! We have enhanced the Turacoon Online Turkish System, which we developed by screening all applications in the world, in collaboration with İstanbul University Publications, which is undisputed No. 1 in Turkish Language Teaching with 926 years of experience!

Your kid can practice as much as they want by accessing the İstanbul curriculum outside of class!

3.Consultation hour about the Turkish language course for your kid in Turacoon!

As you follow your kid's development step by step with our Turkish language advisor; Get ideas for what you can do at home!

Support 24 hours via WhatsApp

Customer support service in Turkish that you can access at any time via WhatsApp

Stay in touch with your teacher!

Stay in touch with your teacher through our advanced teacher messaging system, and access it whenever you want!

If we can't track, we can't teach!!

With Turacoon Kids, messages about your kid's condition are delivered to you after every lesson! You know what to do in line with the comments provided!

Other reasons to choose Turacoon Kids.

Suitable for all levelsTuracoon Kids is designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced students.

In cooperation with İstanbul University!Thanks to a collaboration with İstanbul University Press, your kids have unlimited access to our interactive materials 24/7.

cycle tracking systemWith the course tracking system, every step of your kids are monitored and aimed at improving their Turkish systematically.

Make your own scheduleJust like buying a plane ticket, book with any teacher and start taking lessons whenever you want.

Best teachersOnly one of the 40 teachers who apply to Turacoon will be accepted into the system and your kid will only encounter certified teachers of Turkish for Kids.

live supportGet support from customer representatives who respond immediately to your requests and requests.

Mobile ApplicationWith our mobile application, you can easily start a video call with your teacher whenever and wherever you want.

Age-appropriate programLet your kids learn Turkish with the program specially designed for 4-12 years old!

Let your kids learn Turkish the right way from the right teachers

Start using Turacoon Kids today, and meet your kids' Turkish language needs